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Estudio abierto

Open Call Jan-July 2020

Convocatoria Ene-Jul 2020

Open Call
Art Residency 
Period January- July 2020

Estudio Abierto opens the invitation to participate in the call for artistic residences for production, research and curatorship. The program is aimed at artists, cultural managers, curators, designers and researchers to work and live in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, for a minimum period of 25 days and a maximum of 45 days.




Estudio A is the location of the studio workshop on the outskirts of the city located in an strategical point outside the city, where artisans, archeological sites and traditional market converge to link and help to improve the creative proposals of the artists and at the same time allow them to have a reflexive exercise with regards of the practices coming from the place.


We collaborate with independent galleries in the historic center, workshops, artists and artisans of the city forming working links between actors of the cultural scene and artists who come to work and investigate local work.

The residence has a network of artists and craftsmen production workshops:


  • Pottery workshop

  • Engraving workshop

  • Textile workshop (wool)

  • Carved in wood

  • Elaboration of objects with reed


Estudio Abierto aims to be a circuit where artists can be immersed in the cultural task of reflective investigation of the place as the practical. The residence is above all a meeting space and an articulator of interactions.


Estudio A is open to the creation of digital, photographic, graphic, painting, industrial design, utilitarian objects, assembly forms, etc.


The production and / or results will be shown to the public in an open study format - a one-day results sample, workshop or talk.



  • For artistsThis residence is aimed at artists, designers, illustrators, digital artists and people related to contemporary artistic production, it is invited to produce a project that each resident proposes during their stay in Oaxaca. The purpose of the residence is to develop proposals that investigate and experiment with the city, its variables and its own characteristics, and the dynamics that artistic production systems imply in a residency format.

  • For Curators and Researches: Aimed at curators, critics, theorists, historians and researchers who come to make a research proposal that includes Oaxacan artists or involves the local scene.



Artists, designers, curators, researchers and people whose practice focuses on contemporary art can apply.

Send a PDF document to with the following information:


  • Personal information: name, ID number / passport number, mail, city, country, date of birth.

  • Dates on which you want to make residency.

  • Duration of residence (one month or two months).

  •   CV and updated Biography written in prose with relevant works (Biography of up to 10 lines).

  •   10 images of your previous work.

  •   Description of the project to be developed in the residence (maximum 500 words).

  •   Link to digital portfolio


NOTE: The images sent should not exceed 900kb, it is recommended that they have a measurement of 1200px x 800 px



  • 3 single bedrooms with 2 shared bathrooms.

  • Participants must make a reflective diary, these can be done in video, text or photography, to be uploaded to the Estudio Abierto.

  • Residents will have a specific schedule of activities that include tours to the city, presentation of portfolios, conferences, visits to institutional and independent cultural spaces, study visits to local artists, etc.

  • Invitation letters will be extended to the selected ones.

  • Certificates of participation will be granted.

Participants: The residence has a maximum capacity of 3 people per month and is available during the months of: January to July 2020

Investment: USD 580 (25 days) USD 1000 (45 days)



It includes:

  • Access and / or link to the workshops *

  • Public presentation of the residence process in gallery

  • accommodation

  • 3 Studios-room

  • Wifi

  • Dinning room

  • Snacks (coffee, fruit, mezcal)

  • Bathroom

  • Kitchen

  • Follow up

  • Curated

  • Promotion and diffusion of the processes of residence in social networks.

(The costs of material to be used are not included, they are paid by the resident)*



Does not include:

  • Transfer costs to and from the place of residence

  • Local transport costs

  • Travel expenses

  • Foods

  • Materials

  • Computer


Invitation letters will be sent to the selected people.

Important dates:


Application: 14 Sep 2019 to October 21, 2019.

Notification of those selected November  11, 2019.

Reception of payment or advance payment of 50% until December 13, 2019.

Residence period: January-July 2020.


Methods of payment:

- PayPal


Curatorship: Estudio Abierto


All the activities carried out within the framework of the residence are represented and managed by Estudio Abierto.


Any situation not foreseen in this call will be resolved by the Organizing Committee.